NTM North America Inc.

NTM North America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finnish company NTM Narpes Tra & Metall AB, which is the market leader in Europe of automated waste collection vehicles. The company has been in the market for more than 70 years and is now represented in 17 countries.

NTM North America Inc. was established in 2021 in support of the growing refuse vehicle market in North America and the simultaneous growing demand for cost efficient collection and recycling.

The North American headquarters are in Savannah, GA, where sales, design, support, and assembly take place. We work through dealers for the best local support and service and we’re actively looking for additional representation throughout the continent.

The full product range comprises rear loaders, side loaders and front loaders.

The designs are very flexible and can easily be adapted to customer requirements and chassis, while safety, performance and cost of operation are always at the forefront. The company is leading in waste collection and recycling, in particular where the vehicles have to pick up multiple streams of material.

The patented QuatroTM solutions can pick up four streams of material simultaneously, while the rear loaders up to three streams, and side loaders two streams.

NTM prides itself on customer adaptation and is constantly on the leading edge of developing solutions for waste collection and recycling, including food waste and underground systems.

The durability and quality of our products speak for themselves, and we are proud to offer 36-month warranty as standard.