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Efficiency Redefined

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Revolutionize waste management with the OM Sideloaders—sophisticated systems that redefine efficiency. Operated by a single individual, this powerful system can effortlessly handle up to 1000 bins per day.

The automated side loader grants the driver/operator the ability to pick up bins from a distance of up to 2.4 meters from the body. The innovative design enables seamless bin emptying into the hopper and repositioning the bin—all controlled from within the cab, eliminating the need to exit the vehicle.

With a unique pendulum principle, the compactor achieves an outstanding compaction ratio, ensuring excellent waste compression and significantly contributing to lower life cycle costs due to its minimal moving parts.

These Automated Side Loader bodies are adaptable, fitting both 2-axle and 3-axle chassis, ranging from 14 to 24 cubic meters in body size. Offering a comprehensive range of options, this system caters to diverse waste management needs with exceptional efficiency and reliability.


Enhancing safety

and convenience


  • Automatic Bin Return: Effortlessly reposition bins after the waste is emptied, streamlining the collection process and reducing manual handling.


  • Modem for PLC System: Equipped with modern connectivity tools, ensuring efficient communication and control within the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system.


  • Auto Lube Functionality: Self-lubricating mechanisms for essential parts, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring optimal system performance.


  • Hydraulic Oil Heater: Facilitating smooth operation in various climates, the heater maintains hydraulic oil temperature for consistent performance.


  • Weighting Equipment: Integrated equipment for accurate weight measurement, allowing for precise waste monitoring and management.


  • In-Cab Camera and Monitor: Enhancing safety and convenience, the in-cab camera and monitor system assists with loading and reversing, providing real-time visibility to the operator for improved maneuvering and efficiency.

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Step into a new era of waste management efficiency with the OM Sideloader. Take action now to explore and embrace the innovation that's reshaping waste collection.

This advanced system, managed by a single operator, can handle up to 1000 bins a day effortlessly. With features like automatic bin return, modem for PLC connectivity, auto-lube functionality, hydraulic oil heater, weighting equipment, and in-cab camera and monitor, it offers unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

Experience the future of waste management. Take action today to learn more about the OM Sideloader and witness how it can transform your waste collection operations.

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