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Revolutionize your waste sorting experience with NTM's groundbreaking QUATRO solution. This unique system streamlines waste sorting directly at the source into four distinct fractions, simplifying recycling like never before.

Key Features and Advantages

Effortless Sorting:

Customized containers for each fraction optimize waste collection routes, making sorting an easy and efficient process.

Maximize Recycling:

QUATRO aims to significantly reduce residual waste, achieving the highest possible recycling rates, and minimizing environmental impact.

Environmental Benefits:

Approved for environmental excellence, QUATRO significantly reduces combustibles and individual transports to waste stations, positively impacting the environment.


Automatic Four-Fraction Emptying


The innovative bin lift enables the emptying of four fractions in a single lift. One action and a button press initiate the emptying cycle, providing seamless operations akin to one- or two-compartment vehicles.

NTM's two-level, four-compartment unit features an asymmetric division, ensuring robust waste compaction, even in cold winters. The container lift smoothly raises and automatically positions the insert back in place.



Discover More About QUATRO:

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Testimonials: Real Stories from Customers Using the QUATRO System

"Within just one month of deploying the last container, we noticed a remarkable 40% reduction in residual waste. The QUATRO system has made a visible impact on waste management." - Ingela Morfeldt, Project Manager, VA SYD

"Today, the results are crystal clear. Residual waste quantities have notably decreased, now even less than food waste. We're thrilled to see clean fractions ready for efficient recycling." - Marcus Norrman, Project Manager/Strategist, Renhållningen Kristianstad

"Observing the material streams post-implementation has been eye-opening. Our incineration rates dropped by a significant 40% in 2020 compared to 2018, showcasing a substantial positive change." - Lars-Erik Andersson, Managing Director, SÅM

These testimonials provide real insights into the remarkable impact and positive changes experienced by our customers since integrating the QUATRO system into their waste management practices.

QUATRO: Reducing Waste,

Maximizing Recycling



Customer orientation is, in addition to quality and know-how, the hallmark of NTM. You can, therefore, rest assured that QUATRO can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Design and order your NTM QUATRO today!