Heavyweight KGH

KGH is a powerful body mainly designed for 3-axle chassis with a gross weight of up to 26 tonnes.

It is designed for big loads and high durability.

Easy to manoeuvre despite its large size. Lever control of bin lift and winch gives a natural feel for the work.

The carriage plate and packer plate can also be operated by levers. Pressure and flow-compensated hydraulic system.

For high capacity demands choose the KGH heavyweight.


The same as the KGBH but adapted to suit a larger container.

The high-sided packer makes the KGHH suitable for refuse that requires a more enclosed packing space.


  • 1. Bin lift
  • 2. Enclosed hopper
  • 3. Different box options
  • 4. Bio equipment
  • 5. Sack lift
  • 6. Weighting equipment
  • 7. Hydraulic oil heater
  • 8. Senmi-automatic bin lift
  • 9. Automac compaction cycle
  • 10. Winch
  • 11. Footboards
  • 12. Rear view camera
  • 13. Clearing of packer plate
  • 14. Variable pump
  • 15. Lever manoeuvring of packing cycle
  • 16. Bin catcher
  • 17. Side access door


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