The FK module can be combined with most NTM rear loaders. The FK module is a special module with its own lift, but without a compactor, located directly behind the cab.

The bin lift of the front loader module can lift and empty all types of small standard tanks (120-1100 litres). The module consists of a non-compressible dump tank, which is loaded from the side.

With the FK recycling module, you get a fully enclosed and separate chamber in your RCV. There is no risk of the contents of the module mixing with other waste in the unit. If the unit is split, a RCV combination equipped with the FK can collect up to three fractional waste chambers at the same time. The high tipping height of the front compartment module allows convenient emptying independently of the chamber. Choose the FK to increase the flexibility of your RCV.

FK module volume 4-6 m3

Bins: 120-1100 l


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